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Audio Book CD Players Go High Tech

Most audio books today are produced on compact disc, or CD. Several different types of audio book CD players are available that will play your audio book CDs: a portable CD player, a CD stereo system, or a computer or laptop with a CD drive. However, a dedicated audio book CD player provides the fullest enjoyment possible from your audio books.

Why Traditional CD Players Need Improvement

One problem with listening to audio books on traditional CD players is that it can be hard for you to keep track of your place in the book. If you remove your audio CD to listen to music or to access files on a data CD, your audio CD will restart from Track 1 when you replace it in your CD player. This is an inconvenience to say the least, but if you have a visual impairment that makes it difficult to see the display on a traditional CD player, this “inconvenience” can be time consuming and frustrating.

Another problem with using a traditional CD player or computer to listen to audio books is that many players designed for listening to music have just one playback speed. If the audio book narrator reads at a faster or slower pace than you desire, you are stuck with that pace, because you can’t adjust the playback speed on a music CD player.

Audio Book CD Players – A Vast Improvement

An audio book CD player solves these problems and adds an array of other useful features that audio book listeners will love, whether they are fully sighted or visually impaired. With an audio book CD player, you gain basic functions that make navigating an audio book as easy as leafing through the pages of a traditional book.

An audio book CD player lets you browse your audio book’s table of contents, skip from chapter to chapter or page to page, go to a specific page, and set one or more bookmarks so you can easily pick up where you left off. Audio book CD players also feature variable speed playbacks, so you can adjust the narrator’s pace to your optimal listening speed.

Designed especially for listeners with other visual impairments, audio book CD players have a simple interface that uses buttons with a high color contrast to the keypad on the CD player, making the buttons easy to see and operate. Once you spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with the layout of the buttons, you can move forward and backward in your audio book, set bookmarks, browse pages, and listen to your book with ease.

Most audio book CD players have a convenient handle that makes them easy to move from room to room. They use rechargeable batteries to save you money, and an audible announcement tells you when the batteries need to be recharged. Audio book CD players also play music CDs and mp3 files. You can listen to audio book CD player output through headphones, ear buds, or high-quality, built-in speakers.

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