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Audio Book Clubs to Enhance Reading

If you are an avid reader, you will realize that it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with reading lists. The best way is to become a member of an audio book club, so that you can have more time to read.  Look at the current selection of CDs in your club and you can choose your favorite authors and “listen” to them while driving or even at home.  You can even start your own audio book club!

Club Offers

Audio Book Clubs have several exciting offers and you can choose from thousands of audio books on CD.  There are monthly plans and yearly plans and no commitment is necessary to start borrowing and buying from most of the Audio Book Clubs.  Sometimes a 15-day trial is also available after which you can cancel, if it is not to your satisfaction.  The audio books are shipped right to your door.

If you have a membership of one of the Audio Book Clubs you can download two audio books every month.  The audio books available are varied, from bestsellers to classic titles as well as recordings including the latest releases, radio shows, speeches, newspapers, magazines and concerts.

Build Your Own Audio Club

You can actually form your own audio book club, so that you can have a good mix of people who can come together and share each other’s thoughts and feelings.  Just by mailing friends and acquaintances can be an incentive to make them join your book club.  The group can always get larger, if the response is good and you may be able to find a sizable number of members to support your Audio Book Club.

At meetings, which have to be organized, audio books can be exchanged and all present at the meetings can then become a member of an Audio Book Club. There could be discussions, exchange of ideas and maybe you could even have a read-along session. The advantage of such Audio Book Clubs is the personal contact with other members of the club.  The exchange of ideas and communication are the attractions of forming such a club.

The secret of any book club longevity is to reconnect with friends and expand your reading repertoire.  Keep these priorities in mind and you can have a long-lasting Audio Book Club experience.
A New Experience

Now you can join one of these book clubs where you will be sent a portion of a book in your email every morning.  Once you have gone through the first two or three chapters of the books, you can continue to get the rest of the book.  This service is offered free by some Audio Book Clubs and you can read at more than one club. The topics of the books range from non-fiction to science fiction and classics.  

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