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Have You Considered Joining an Audio Book Library?

If you’re already a fan of audio books, or if you’re new to this idea, the Audio Book Library is definitely a place to visit. From the comfort of your computer chair, you can become a member of an Audio Book Library, make your selections, and even download the books of your choice.

What’s the Appeal of Audio Books?

Audio books are convenient and often cheaper than their hardback counterparts. With the increase in technology, audio books are available in a variety of formats, from compact discs to computer downloads. They can be listened to on iPods or MP3 players, or played in the car while driving to and from work. The Audio Book Library has an extensive listing of available titles in many different categories. An audio book can offer the listener hours of pleasure from their favorite fiction writer, or it can help the listener increase business skills, or learn about interesting and relevant subjects.

How Does It Work?

The Audio Book Library has an easy sign-up process that can be done in minutes. You can download an application at their web site, choose the rental plan you prefer and then select up to 12 books. After your application is processed, the Audio Book Library will send you two books on your list and charge your credit card according to the rental plan you selected. The rental plans are flexible enough to cover everyone’s needs, whether you want to pay by the book, a block of time (from one month to a year) or if you want the book available for several weeks during your vacation. The Audio Book Library clearly spells out the details of each of these options, while keeping the cost affordable.

When choosing a book, you may view a brief summary of the title as well as learn the amount of hours it runs. The Audio Book Library offers titles that are abridged or unabridged. It’s important to note that an abridged version of a book is considerably shorter. As an example, The DaVinci Code is 16 hours in an unabridged version, but only six hours in its abridged state. Another consideration is the fact that many book publishers release titles that are abridged on a CD but unabridged on cassette tapes.

This, of course, makes it difficult to listen to a book in a car that is equipped with a CD player. However, this situation is changing, as publishers recognize the inconvenience as well as the popularity of other devices, like MP3 and WMA players. The Audio Book Library understands the needs of its customers and demonstrates that by offering a wide selection of books and flexible rental plans. Because of this, the world of books is a bit more wonderful.

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