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The Variety of Audio Book Players

In order to understand the variety of ways you can play back audio books you first need to understand how many different formats audio books can come in.  They can come in cassette, CD, mp3, or just a regular audio download file. 

All of that lends to a large variety of audio book players and some of them may be ideas for audio book players that you never even thought of before.  Having a variety of ways to make audio books portable is what is beginning to make audio books so popular and what is also helping to increase the availability of the different kinds of books for audio format.  It may not be long where every book released has some sort of audio book format attached to it and that would be when a whole world of information can open up to a whole new group of people.

Mp3 files are condensed audio files that are horrible for music but great if you are trying to make a huge audio book file portable.  Once you get the audio book down to mp3 format you can use audio book players such as a simple 10GB mp3 player or audio book players like the iPod or other very popular portable computer file music players.  It makes the audio book a very versatile thing and it allows you to take it with you anywhere you want to go in the smallest format possible.  An mp3 audio book also allows you to transfer your book easily between audio book players so that you will always have it with you.

On Your Hip

The other day I was walking through a store and saw a portable cassette player and a portable CD player still being sold.  I was glad that mp3 players had not completely taken over yet and the availability of these players can be used as audio book players by those that are not technically inclined enough to use an mp3 player.  Some people just do not like to deal with new technology and you completely bypass the new technology by using these items that have been around now for decades.  There is no shame in shunning technology and for now these players make great portable audio book players for any of your audio books on cassette or CD.

Of course the more obvious audio book players would be your stereo with the CD player or your computer and that is where your audio books can really come to live.  An audio book played through a full stereo can sound like the story teller is sitting right next to you and if it is done right then isn’t that how you want your audio books to sound anyways?

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