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Audio Book Rentals: The Economical Way to Read Books

Audio books are a recording of the contents of a book which has been read aloud.  The distribution is usually on compact discs (CDs), cassette tapes, or digital forms like the MP3. Audio Book Rentals also have unabridged audio books which are exactly the word-to-word reading of the book.  The abridged audio books have a text which has been edited out by the abridger.

Audio Book Rentals on the web are very popular among readers today.  All you have to do is to create an online list of all the audio books which you would like to listen to.  You can just receive your audio books in the mail and start reading them.  There are no hassles of due dates and late fees and no shipping costs either. 

How It Works

Based on your usage you choose the plan that suits your reading habits.  There are Audio Book Rentals which charge monthly fees or annually. The reader is asked to make a list of 50 selections at any one time.  You can update your selection lists any time and the process is simple, easy and fast.

Through First Class Mail the Audio Book Rentals make the delivery of the audio books. It takes only 5 to 7 days to receive the selection of audio books that you have ordered. Payments, as per your opted plan, have to be made online by credit card.

The postage and shipping is free of cost.  When the customer finishes the book, it can just be returned to the Audio Book Rentals in an enclosed postage paid package.  Sending and returning is simple and cost-free. And all audio tapes and CDs are delivered at your doorstep.


The variety of books is immense. There are sales training books, memory training books, classics or bestsellers in the list.  You can have a long queue of books at the Audio Book Rentals and you will be sent individual tapes and CDs based on your subscription.  Every time one book is sent back, the next one on the queue is prepared to be shipped.


The Audio Book Rentals are definitely an economical way to pursue reading books, especially if you can finish listening to the audio titles fast. Shipping sometimes takes time, and there is often a queue for the popular audio books. So you may have to wait long to read your favorite book.  Audio Book Rentals are not available for international listeners and this is a big disadvantage.

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