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Saving the Planet (and Cash) with Audio Book Subscriptions

Don’t you just love audio books? When you read a traditional hardbound or paperback book, you need to devote all your attention to reading. With audio books, someone else does the reading for you while you commute to work, drive around town, delve into your craft projects, cook, do housework, or do any number of other activities that cannot be done while reading a traditional book. With an audio book subscription, you can read as many audio books as you want for one low monthly price.

Are Audio Books Green?

Audio book readers who’ve made a commitment to environmental sustainability have mixed feelings about purchasing audio books on compact disc (CD). An audio book on CD is more environmentally friendly than a traditional hardbound book with paper pages, but CDs are not readily recyclable, nor are they made of recycled materials. One audio book may be recorded on ten or twelve CDs, and it seems wasteful to purchase all those CDs and then listen to them once.

Audio Book Subscriptions by Mail

A subscription to an audio book lending service solves the sustainability problem by hundreds of readers to listen to each CD. The subscription service sends CDs to its customers on loan. The customers request their favorite titles, and the audio book subscription provider sends the CDs out by mail. The customers listen to the CDs, return them to the audio book subscription provider, and receive another audio book title from their list of favorites.

Audio Book Subscriptions Online

With the increasing popularity of mp3 music downloads, a new format of audio books was born, and with it, a new form of audio book subscriptions. Downloading an mp3 file from an audio book subscription service is even more environmentally friendly than sharing CDs, because no disposable recording media is required. With an online audio book subscription, the reader pays a low monthly fee that permits the reader to download audio books at reduced prices. The amount of the subscription is based on how many books the reader wishes to download during a month.

Audio Book subscription providers who offer mp3 downloads can provide additional content at low cost, so they beef up their subscription programs with premiums offers. One popular service provides free daily digital audio of national newspapers to its subscribers.

Audio book subscription providers offer something for everyone. They make downloads available in a variety of genres, including nonfiction, science fiction, mystery, history, sports, business, westerns, classic fiction, and romance – something for every audio book reader.

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