Audio Books For The Blind

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Audio Books For The Blind Are Useful Tools

A long time ago I had a friend named Chester and he was always on the cutting edge of a lot of audio technologies because he was a musician for a living with an agent and everything.  It seemed kind of strange to me because I never seen him release an album and the only show he ever played is a show I played in with him for about 8 people.  But Chester was blind and he never let that get in his way of enjoying life.  He played basketball and football as much as he could until he just got hurt too many times.  But I remember one conversation I had with Chester where we were discussing a Stephen King book I had just read.  Chester said “Oh yeah I read that.”   I thought that was strange and as we mentioned more books I had read Chester would admit to reading probably at least half of them as well.  Books in Braille was not nearly as wide spread as Stephen King so I wondered how.  That is when Chester introduced me to audio books for the blind.

Unfortunately Braille is not as wide spread as it could be and, to be honest, not everyone that is blind can read Braille.  Chester had another musician friend who was blind but could not read Braille because he was a guitar player and had thick calluses on his finger tips.  So Chester’s friend also used audio books for the blind.  I felt a little behind the times so Chester showed me his library and there were audio books for the blind on books from several different topics all in an easy to listen to format that made learning the material easy.  Chester was a smart guy.

Now Today It Expands

Today the notion of audio books for the blind is in a lot of libraries and book stores all over the world and more and more books are put into the format of audio books for the blind.  It is a great feeling of independence for blind people to know that if they want to read the hot book that is on the market now that the audio books for the blind market has increased so much that it is more than likely that they will be able to get a copy of their book on audio.  It empowers people to succeed at so many other things.

Chester went on to become an advocate for the blind and handicapped and my understanding is that his library is still growing.  It is just awesome to see someone enjoy reading so much regardless of the situation they are handed in life.

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