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Audio Text Books: A Bonus for the Non-Reader

Through Audio Text Books any student with reading problems has access to the curriculum. These books are specially meant for students who have documented reading disabilities.  There are complete libraries of recorded textbooks at every grade level.  These are not recreational libraries, but books that students need for their classroom studies. All the subjects which the children need in school are offered, right from science to social studies and math.
Role of the Narrator

Audio Text Books are recorded audio books on CD, and they are not only for students with dyslexia, but also with vision impairment. The volunteers who narrate the books should have good voices and they are recruited also for their subject matter skills.  You have to know something about the topic that you are reading, so that the presentation is fluent and natural.

Besides the narration, textbooks are highly graphical.  It is important that the person reading the book aloud should be able to describe even the graphs to the listener, for example, a bar chart.  The narrator has to be a subject matter specialist, in order to be able to explain and describe in precise detail all the illustrations in the books.

Multisensory Learning

Audio Text Books just help the students to gain access to educational material. Through the recordings the students can get the content and retain it, without requiring the decoding and reading skills that he may be incapable of.  Actually Audio Text Books are also used for students in the classroom who are slower than their peers, so that they listen to the texts and keep pace with the peers in class as far as subject content acquisition is concerned.

Multisensory learning can be beneficial for many children.  As you hear the text read aloud, you follow it along in the text and this benefits the reading process itself.  It is not only subject acquisition, but children exposed to such auditory learning acquire and learn expressive language. The children are exposed to language and information which they can retain and use in future reading tasks.

The New Wave

Audio Text Books will soon be supported by multiple new products, technologies and services.  New channels are being looked into, so that not only students but also parents and teachers can be reached. The internet and the multimedia also allow developing web-based teacher training or even parent awareness. As part of the move to all-digital service, books which are provided play on specially adapted CD-Players.  Here you can navigate Audio Text Books by chapter, by page and even by section.  Very soon all this will be available in MP3 Players and Ipods.

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