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The Advantages Of Downloadable Mp3 Audio Books

There are a lot of advantages to being able to condense something into a form that is portable and that includes audio files and computer files in general.  Many of the innovations of technology today were made to help make technology more portable.  When computers first came out software was on 5 ¼” sized disks and you need a lot of them for one program.  Then the 3 1/2 ” diskette came out and that helped but you still needed about 20 of them for one operating system.  Then the invention of the CD as a medium for PC storage allowed all of the software we were using to go on one disk.  So what did the software developers do?  They made bigger programs that required more CDs.  Now we use DVDs and if they start finding ways to fill up DVDs then we are all in trouble.

Audio files are the same way.  Sound on a computer has come a long way and now sound can be just as portable as anything else on a computer thanks to the mp3 file.  An mp3 file is a condensed audio file that can allow you to take things like 20MB WAV files on albums and condense them down to 2MB files you can take with you.  Of course, like anything else, there are drawbacks to condensing music down to mp3 files.  The music quality suffers a lot and the mp3 is not nearly as clean and clear as the original and for this reason some people refuse to use mp3 files for music.   But what about audio books that can take up 3 and 4 CDs in some cases?

Picking It Up And Moving Out

As technology advances people are finding educational value to some of this technology and that includes downloadable mp3 audio books.  Thanks to downloadable mp3 audio books we can now get entire books in to a much smaller space and the sound quality loss on someone reading a downloadable mp3 audio book is not nearly as problematic as a music file.  Now with downloadable mp3 audio books people can take their reading books with them anywhere they want in their mp3 players or any other portable mp3 device they may have.  With downloadable mp3 audio books teachers can now put more books on the computers in their classrooms and make them accessible to more students.

Technology does some wonderful things and downloadable mp3 audio books are proof of that.  Now anyone that wants to, or needs to, load their books on to their mp3 players can do so and take their downloadable mp3 audio books wherever they want to go.

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