Harry Potter Audio Books

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Harry Potter Audio Books

It is amazing how much everything the Harry Potter series of books touches turns to gold.  First all of the Harry Potter books by JK Rowling are some of the best selling books in history and then the movies are some of the highest grossing movies ever released.  Did you know that the Harry Potter audio books are also some of the best selling audio books ever made and they have also won Grammy awards and other recording accolades to go along with all of the financial success.  All of that success is wonderful but in reality what the Harry Potter audio books do is open up the world of book reading to an entirely new group of people that either could not read a book before or would not read one.  Sure it can be for lazy people to enjoy a Harry Potter audio book but it can also be for the people that cannot read quite yet but can listen to a good story.

The Harry Potter audio books are performed by Jim Dale and his performances in the Harry Potter audio books are award winning but more than that they are compelling to listen to.  Dale does more than just read the books, he creates a visual image around them by adding his own take on the character’s voices and also by reading the stories as if he himself had written them.  In the Harry Potter audio books you can hear Jim Dale’s voice climb to a pinnacle as the story does as well and then crash to the ground along with the story.  Jim Dale doesn’t just read the Harry Potter stories on the Harry Potter audio books, he makes the stories come to life in his own special way.

For All Audiences

JK Rowling started a child reading frenzy when she released the first Harry Potter book in 1999 and kids everywhere wanted to read about the adventures of this new hero that had been created just for them.  Some of the children that wanted to read the stories were old enough to listen but not quite old enough to read them.  That is where the Harry Potter audio books come in!  The Harry Potter audio books allow children of all ages to say that they have read the books and can discuss together the stories and their favorite characters.  The children that benefit from the audio books can also see the differences between the movies and the books and understand why people that have never read the books may see the entire Harry Potter story differently than those that have read the books.  The Harry Potter audio books allow everyone to be a part of that club of people that has read Harry Potter books.

There is so much more to audio books than just a resource for the visually impaired.  The work that audio books do to assist those with visual impairments is wonderful and extremely important, but audio books can also help introduce people to reading that may have either never tried it before or just cannot do it.  What better way to do that than with Harry Potter?

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