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Who Takes The Time To Listen To Audio Books?

Audio books are both a vehicle for entertainment and a vehicle for education.  Some people use audio books because they like to and some because they have to.  But whatever the reason is that you listen to audio books the fact is that the audience for audio books is growing everyday.

As more audio books win major recording awards like the Grammy, more and more people are starting to take a notice to audio books.  They can be a great educational tool or time saver and however you decide you want to use them you can be sure that you most certainly are not alone and you are joining a crowd that gets bigger and bigger each day.

Harry Potter Fans

Young children listen to audio books because sometimes they want to hear the stories but they cannot quite read the books yet.  The best example of this is the Harry Potter series of books that are so attractive to children of all ages.  The very young children cannot quite read all the words yet and even though they may not understand everything that is being said they still love to listen to audio books when it comes to Harry Potter. 

It is a great way to get kids interested in books before they can even read and many of these audio books are getting quite elaborate in their production as though it were old time radio shows.  Makes you wonder if one of the children that listens to audio books now might be bringing back elaborate radio productions some day.

Visual Impairment and Dyslexia

Of course the visually impaired will be a large audience that will listen to audio books but along with them are the people with conditions like dyslexia.  With dyslexia the person can understand the language just fine they just have problems reading and writing.  If they have the chance to listen to audio books they can get the material from their school classes or any other reading materials they may be missing out on as well.  Education is a very powerful tool and if people who once before could not benefit from education because they could not read the textbooks can now listen to audio books and learn their lessons then great things can happen.


Business people on the go do not always have time to read a book but they feel the need to especially when that book is some new book on a business topic they are interested in.  They can then listen to audio books while they drive, in their office, or even when they are working out at the gym.  Audio books give people not only vital information but flexibility as well.

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