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Lord of the Rings Audio Books – A Treat for J. R. R. Tolkien Fans

If you’ve read the novels and seen the movies, the next step to fully enjoying this production is to listen to the Lord of the Rings audio books. Fans of this series love the convenience and the ease of the Lord of the Rings audio books, and there is an overwhelming consensus about the quality of the production.

A Real Unabridged Recording

For those who are familiar with audio books, you already understand the vast difference between an abridged and unabridged version of a novel. Happily, there is a set of the Lord of the Rings audio books that is complete. You won’t feel that chapters are condensed or missing, and there is a genuine continuity to the story.

The Lord of the Rings audio books, narrated by Shakespearean actor Rob Inglis is the perfect production of this excellent and timeless series. His skilled narration enhances the fantasy aspect of this tale, capturing the spirit of the original text. His characterizations are well done, enabling the listen to distinguish the various voices, while injecting a desirable amount of emotion. His ability to produce enough different voices for the characters is a wonderful testimony to his acting talent.  His presentation captures the drama, the danger and the darkness that are the trademarks of this series.

Simply and Sincerely Read

Another noteworthy fact about this set of the Lord of the Rings audio books is that they are simply and sincerely presented to the listener. This set is not overflowing with sound effects and music, but true fans of this series prefer it that way. Listeners benefit from this absence of background effects, because their ears are tuned in to the story that is so masterfully read by Rob Inglis. In a thoroughly remarkable way, this collection of the Lord of the Rings audio books becomes more significant with its simplistic presentation, as the characters and the story line take center stage.

Rest assured; the sound quality of these CDs is excellent, as is the recording level. The reading pace is perfect for listening, with enough dramatic pauses to capture the attention. This set of the Lord of the Rings audio books, seems to be an expert collaboration between the distinguished author, Tolkein and actor Rob Inglis. Fans of this series will love this collection, and the convenience of this audio format makes it even more appealing. For such a remarkable performance, the price of the Lord of the Rings audio books is very reasonable, making it possible for the many fans of this series to enjoy this fantasy adventure.

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