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Buying Used Audio Books is a Treasure Hunt

According to the Audio Publishers Association the publishing of audio books is the fastest growing segment in the publishing industry. You can buy almost everything as audio books from mystery, suspense, general fiction to history and drama.  Actually used Audio Books have an even larger collection.

Buying On the Web

Buying and selling used Audio Books has become a common practice on the web.  When you have finished reading your audio book, just put it up on the net for sale, where you can get other audio books which you may be looking for.  The used Audio Books section of is a great resource for audio books.  There are many categories through which you can browse, and you can even subscribe to an e-mail newsletter, which will give you updates of the latest Used Audio Books online. Another site is the Audio Books Project of Gutenberg. 

Ex-Library Products

Most of the used Audio Books that are offered for sale are ex-library products.  They are both fiction and non-fiction and have generally been gently used.  They are generally from well-known companies like Recorded Books LLC, Random House, Harper Collins, etc. Almost all these books are unabridged and the price for new audio books is quite high.  It is not possible for many people to purchase these new audio books, and hence they can make use of a website and order used Audio Books at a much lower price. One such website is called “Audiotome”.

Used Audio Books are called “ex-libris” meaning ex-library.  That means that they had been owned by a public library or a commercial setting and then have subsequently been removed.  Either the books are old or there is duplication in the library, so they are sold to websites where anybody can buy them and make use of them. 

Pros and Cons

It is sometimes a risk buying used Audio Books, because they could be defective, and not play well.  Generally they are checked and then sold by the website, which is marketing them.  But most of the time you can buy with confidence, because if anything does not play to your satisfaction it can be returned for credit on another item.  Or you can get your money back.

Often all the used Audio Books do not have a description for each page and every item.  But all of them have the title, the author, running time and the number of cassettes. Sometimes even the narrators are mentioned. Payment is generally by Pay Pal, Money Order or checks.  Credit card transactions are also possible.

Sometimes it is possible to find just the specific item that you are looking for amongst the large collections of used Audio Books on websites. You can also order a particular title, by putting in a request for it and you may be lucky to find a treasure, which you cannot buy in an ordinary bookshop today.


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