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Carrying Around Your Audio Book MP3

Sometimes I can be a little slow on the draw but even I did not expect to make my most recent discovery.  I have a friend who is a workaholic.  He works at his job 10 hours a day 6 days a week at least and when he is not working at the office he is working out at the gym.  His job takes him all over the country so he travels a lot but it is a lot of car traveling and things where you have to pay attention to what you are doing.  I was a little surprised to find out that he also loves reading.  It is not unusual for someone to love reading but at his house there aren’t really any books yet he claims to own a vast library and says he reads for hours almost every day.  I asked him how he managed to pull that off and he showed me his 10GB mp3 player and told me about audio book mp3s.

An audio book mp3 is a file that you can download to your PC or any other device that can accept mp3s like, for instance, an mp3 player.  The sound quality for music on mp3 kind of turns off real audiophiles and they will usually look down at an audio file in the mp3 format.  But mp3 allows large audio files to be condensed into smaller audio files which makes the audio book mp3 and also allows companies to sell the audio book mp3 as downloads from the PC that do not take hours.  An mp3 file is literally the fraction of  the size of a more audio brilliant file and can take a fraction of the time to download and while mp3 quality and file format may be a hindrance to music it is perfect for the audio book mp3 because without mp3 audio books would be enormous files that would take potentially hours to download.

One Man’s Garbage

So this friend of mine has the most extensive mp3 collection of anyone I know and he hates mp3 music.  But he loves audio book mp3 because it allows him to listen to the newest books while working out and traveling without causing him any problems.  It is actually a great idea and my friend always laughs at the narrow minded audiophiles that insist that mp3s have no place anywhere in technology.  If they would get their hands on an audio book mp3 they would probably change their mind but he is way too busy to worry about that.

I started to check out audio book mp3s and I have to say that they are extremely easy to use and inexpensive to buy.  You can load them on to any portable mp3 player and take them anywhere you want to go.  All of that is a great help because trying to read while you are running on the treadmill can be pretty treacherous.

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