Tips for Improving Memory

Helpful Tips for Improving Memory Here is one of the major tips for improving memory; it takes time and work. Just like implementing a new diet plan, or starting a new workout routine. You have to set aside specific amounts of time to work on your memory. It’s not always easy, people learn differently and […]

Strategies For Improving Visual Memory

Some Strategies For Improving Visual Memory in Students When you want to teach a child anything, the best thing you can do is make it fun. When you make an exercise fun, and essentially make it a game, the students are more likely to retain the information. Not only that but they’ll look forward to […]

Photographic Memory Training

Photographic Memory Training Easier Than You Think People have been trained to develop film and print pictures of images they captured on cellulose, but for some season they have trouble learning how to develop the images they captured in their mind. For many the thought of photographic memory training would be wasted as they see […]

Photographic Memory Techniques

Not All Photographic Memory Techniques Work For Everyone There are several different photographic memory techniques used by people to help train their brain to retain important information. Although some of the saved information may never be used again, if the photographic memory techniques are used properly, they can help recall the information when it is […]

Long Term Memory Exercises

Long Term Memory Exercises: How To remember Permanent Information Think back to school. Do you remember what you learned in, say, the second grade? How about the third grade? You probably don’t remember exact lessons but you do remember the information don’t you? You remember how to read and how to write, your mathematics tables […]

Improve Memory By Self Hypnosis

Improve Memory By Self Hypnosis: First You Must Believe When you think of hypnosis, you probably think of a stage act where the hypnotist makes willing participants cluck like a chicken or shiver when he tells them it’s getting cold in the room. However, did you know that you can improve your life by engaging […]

How To Have A Photographic Memory

How To Have A Photographic Memory: You Don’t Have To Be Born With It Most people think you have to be born with a photographic memory but that just isn’t so. You can have a photographic memory, it just takes patience and lots of practice. When seeking out how to have a photographic memory, you […]

Games To Play To Improve Memory

Games To Play To Improve Memory: It’s All About Having Fun The thing about learning is that when you don’t think you’re learning, that’s when you actually learn. It sounds strange but it’s true. When you’re having fun, such as when you’re playing games, that’s when you can do the most learning. So if you’re […]

Short Term Memory

Exercises For Short Term Memory: Keeping Your Brain Agile You know that you should exercise to keep your body fit, but did you know that you should also do some exercises for your brain to keep your brain fit? Your brain is like a muscle and it must be worked out every so often so […]

Develop Photographic Memory

Learning How To Develop A Photographic Memory Not everyone has the capability of looking at something once and remembering all the details of an image or the information on a page. While maybe not born with the ability of total recall, there are ways to develop a photographic memory. The problem essentially the confusion over […]

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