Auditory Memory Exercises

Auditory Memory Exercises: Keep Your Brain Sharp Have you ever listened to a song and then you can’t remember what you just listened to? Or maybe someone told you their address and as soon as you heard it you forgot it? Does this happen to you often? Then you might want to engage in some […]

Photographic Memory Books

Photographic Memory Books Teach How To Recall Information There are many photographic memory books that essentially teach people techniques to improve their memory skills. Photographic memory is often confused with eidetic memory, with which a person can study a picture for about 30 seconds and when the picture removed visualize the image. While an eidetic […]

Visual Memory Training

Visual Memory Training Techniques: An Overview Memory has been linked to sensory perception. That means we have auditory memory, memory associated with our perception of smell, touch, taste, as well as vision. All of these various types of memory help us to learn and understand the world around us. Likewise, we can improve upon every […]

Improving Your Memory Skills

Some Helpful Techniques for Improving Your Memory Skills Improving your memory can be equated to improving your abs. They both require a kind of exercise. It’s true, without using your memory it will only go through the atrophy process and deteriorate over time. In fact, I bet you didn’t even think that your memory could […]

Memorization Techniques

Memorization Techniques For The Forgetful Do you constantly find yourself forgetting things, such as names and important phone numbers? It seems that the more we depend on electronic devices to remember things for us, the more we forget. However, you can learn some memorization techniques which will help you remember more than you ever thought […]

Games To Improve Memory

There Are Many Games To Improve Memory You might think that you need to be born with a great memory, but that just isn’t so. Having a great memory requires certain skills and techniques that can be taught. However, you can teach those same skills and techniques by playing fun games. These games require you […]

Photographic Memory

Researchers Suggest Photographic Memory Is A Myth There is plenty of debate about whether the concept of a photographic memory even exists and many so-called experts often confuse someone’s claim of having one with eidetic memory. Perhaps because of the misnomer of photographic memory, some researchers believe that people who have the ability to remember […]

Memory Training

Remember Old Friends Names with Memory Training So you’re walking down the street of your old hometown. It’s been about five years since you’ve last visited and you’re excited to see old friends and loved ones, then it happens. Someone vaguely familiar to you walks up and begins a conversation by using your name. They speak as […]

Memory Improvement

Memory Improvement can improve your life. How many times have you been driving home and suddenly had that sinking feeling that you’ve forgotten something.  You walk in the door and you husband or wife greets you loveingly and hands you your anniversary present.  It’s at that point that you realise another year has gone by […]

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