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What to Look For in a Fertility Treatment Center

If you have been facing the issues of reproductive challenges on your own and have been advised by your doctor that it’s time to consult a fertility treatment center, then of course you will want to know what to look for in such a facility.  After all, this is not like figuring out where you’re going to eat lunch today – a fertility treatment center may be a big part of your life for many years to come, and will be involved in one of the most sensitive and difficult issues that probably any couple will need to face.  So then, what are some points to keep in mind?

Is It Close to Home?

Again, a fertility treatment center is probably going to be someplace that you will need to visit more than once, so it pays to have one that is within easy driving distance.  Additionally, the tests and treatments that you will need to undergo may become somewhat uncomfortable, so you will want a place that is near home so that you can get back to bed as soon as possible!  Most major hospitals in big cities have a fertility treatment center included in their OB/GYN section, so if you’ve been referred by your own gynecologist or urologist, you may ask him or her if they know of one close by.  These centers are typically staffed by some of the best physicians around, and because they are in a large hospital, you can immediately be attended to if you develop any type of health complications from your treatments.

What is its Reputation?

A fertility treatment center is there for one reason and one reason only – to help you and your partner get pregnant.  Checking up on their success rate for such results is not out of line and you shouldn’t feel as if you’re being pushy or nosy.

Ask how long the doctors on staff have been performing the different procedures, how long they have been practicing, and when was the last time they went to a seminar on new treatments available.

Your potential fertility treatment center should be trying to win you over as a patient, so they should never act as if they are put off by your questions or are offended by your asking.

How do they treat you?

Some fertility treatment centers are run by a solo practitioner, others by 2 to 6 member groups, while others are “mega” clinics with over 15 doctors.  Regardless of the size of the group, be sure you are getting the attention you deserve.  You should never feel like a number with a revolving door of doctors.  Obviously they will have many patients to see in the course of any day, but if they are impatient or even downright rude with you, then it’s time to move on to the next fertility treatment center on your list.  Remember, you will be paying them probably a good deal of money for your treatment and care, so you deserve to be treated with respect and dignity as well.

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