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Natural Methods Are Sometimes the Best Fertility Treatment!

When dealing with the issues of reproductive challenges, most couples are appreciative of the fact that medical science offers them a wealth of options when it comes to fertility treatments, including drugs that help a woman ovulate, Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART) such as in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, sperm donation and the like.  However, some couples are still looking for natural methods that work as fertility treatments for themselves and their partners.  How can you go about assisting your own reproduction with such methods?  Are there any that actually work?  Let’s examine some of these issues here.

Be Careful of Your Medications

Sometimes an actual fertility treatment is not necessary, as you realize that conception is being hindered by the medications you’re taking, either for the man or the woman.  Some drugs, such as those to treat high cholesterol or diabetes, interfere with a woman’s ovulation abilities and a man’s sperm production.  Before investigating medical alternatives as a fertility treatment, speak with your doctor about your prescription medications.  There are some that of course you cannot stop taking as it will cause you serious health problems, but there may be adjustments that can be made, or other medications to take that will help to offset these issues with reproduction.

It’s also noteworthy that over the counter and homeopathic medicines can have the same effect, so don’t forget to mention these to your doctor as well.

Good Sex as a Fertility Treatment

Because a man’s sperm needs to travel a long distance (or at least to the microscopic sperm, it seems like a long distance!) in order to reach an egg to fertilize, it’s best to be mindful of your sex practices and whether they’re helping or hindering this journey.  The “missionary” position, or man on top, is always recommended when a couple is trying to get pregnant.  Other positions such as the woman on top, sitting, standing, and anything else that interrupts the natural flow of sperm and causes it to work against gravity is only going to make the sperm need to work that much harder.

When considering a fertility treatment for yourself, you should definitely give some attention to your sexual practices first, as a simple change in your habits can go a long way (no pun intended) toward helping that sperm reach its goal.

Other Natural Fertility Treatments

Reducing stress, smoking cessation, and a good diet along with regular physical exercise are always recommended before trying a medical fertility treatment, as these things can help the body address and even repair any issues it may have with the reproductive system.  Soaking in hot water can kill sperm, so the man should avoid hot tubs and the like.  An ovulation predictor can also help a woman to know when she is ovulating.

So, there are no guarantees that any of these tips and reminders will work for you, but again, it’s always best to try the most natural fertility treatments first before opting for invasive surgeries or expensive drugs.

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