Try a Natural Infertility Treatment First

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Try a Natural Infertility Treatment First

If you are someone that is dealing with the issue of infertility and difficulty conceiving, take heart. You are not alone. As a matter of fact, it’s estimate that one in every ten couples struggles with this same problem – that’s over 5 million couples in the U.S. alone!

But if you’re ready to speak to your doctor about a possible infertility treatment, you may want to consider if there are some natural ways that you can attempt to fix this problem on your own before getting medical intervention.

A Lifestyle Change is the Easiest Infertility Treatment

First of all, it may seem unrelated, but when you stop smoking you are really giving yourself the best infertility treatment there is imaginable. Smoking damages your body in so many ways, and not just in the area of your lungs. The poisons and toxins from cigarette smoke get absorbed in your bloodstream, and from there travel to every cell of your body, including your reproductive system. These poisons can choke out the vital processes necessary not only for a woman to ovulate, but for a man to produce healthy sperm as well.

Additionally, your diet and your level of physical activity can also play a great role in your abilities to conceive. It may not seem like much of an infertility treatment, but exercise gets your blood moving properly, and this blood brings antioxidants and necessary nutrients to all areas of your body, including your reproductive systems. Also, loading up your body with heavy, high-fat foods is going to do damage to this system as well. You’re probably familiar with what saturated fat does to your arteries; however, did you know that it can do the same type of eroding damage to parts of your reproductive system as well? So cutting out those high-fat, deep-fried foods and replacing them with fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is always recommended.

Reducing Stress

Infertility is not simply “all in your head.” There are medical reasons why a couple may have problems conceiving. However, reducing stress is another great lifestyle change that is also an effective infertility treatment. This is because stress chokes out necessary oxygen from your body’s cells, and reduces blood flow to some areas well. Your reproductive systems need this good blood and oxygen to function properly. Additionally, stress can interfere with a woman’s healthy ovulation, and cause a man’s sperm to be malformed, both of which are of course barriers to conception.

And Also Try …

Another natural infertility treatment you can try is a home ovulation predictor. Although it is physically possible for a woman to get pregnant even when she is not ovulating, it’s much easier for her to do so when she is. A home ovulation predictor can tell when this is the case, and of course sexual activity should occur at this time.

It would be shortsighted to dismiss any of these natural infertility treatments, as even your own doctor will probably recommend that you try these avenues first before undergoing any type of invasive surgeries.

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