How To Have A Photographic Memory

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How To Have A Photographic Memory: You Don’t Have To Be Born With It

Most people think you have to be born with a photographic memory but that just isn’t so. You can have a photographic memory, it just takes patience and lots of practice. When seeking out how to have a photographic memory, you just need a little instruction. This can come from books, from audio or video tapes, from DVDs or from personal instruction from someone who knows to how to teach how to have a photographic memory. See, your brain can store lots and lots of information. It’s like a computer. A computer stores files and allows you retrieve those files whenever you need them. That’s why you need to store things properly in your brain. Can you imagine trying to retrieve information that’s all bundled together with no order? When learning how to have a photographic memory, you learn to file information away in an orderly fashion so that it’s instantly retrievable whenever you need it.


When learning how to have a photographic memory, one of the first things you’ll learn is how to associate things. For instance, when you first meet someone it’s most difficult to try and remember that person’s name. However, if you learn how to associate that name with something familiar, you’ll remember it every time. For example, if you meet someone named Jonah and they are a large person, you can always think of their name as a reference to Jonah and the whale, a story from the bible. While that may be cruel, it’s a great way to remember and that’s what association is all about.


Learning how to have a photographic memory is most helpful if you learn to think in pictures. When learning a phone number, for example, try to think of objects in place of the numbers. The numbers five five one, for instance, can be thought of as two gloves holding a bat. The gloves represent five because of the five fingers and the bat is the one because of its shape. Once you know how to have a photographic memory by thinking in pictures, remembering things will be a whole lot easier.

These are just a couple of examples of how to have a photographic memory. For more tips and tricks, purchase an audio or video series by people in the know. The more your practice, the better you’ll get and your mind will become a steel trap in no time at all.

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