Long Term Memory Exercises

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Long Term Memory Exercises: How To remember Permanent Information

Think back to school. Do you remember what you learned in, say, the second grade? How about the third grade? You probably don’t remember exact lessons but you do remember the information don’t you? You remember how to read and how to write, your mathematics tables and you probably even remember your teachers’ names. This information is locked away in your long term memory. You will likely always remember them. But how can you sharpen your long term memory so that you can remember more information and for a longer period of time? You can do this by conducting long term memory exercises. Long term memory exercises involve certain techniques that allow you to ingrain the information permanently into your memory banks so that they are easily retrievable whenever you need them.

You can learn long term memory exercises by purchasing audio or video programs, taking classes, and even learning in person from someone who knows the various techniques. What these courses will teach you is how to file the information away so that it’s easily accessible. Just like a computer can retrieve files at will, so must you be able to access the files when you want. In order to do this, you must be able to file the information away in such a way as to be able to retrieve it.


Mnemonics are a great way to practice long term memory exercise. These are techniques to help you remember hard to remember pieces of information. They involve using acronyms, or words where each letter is the beginning of another word such as NASA, using story or songs to help remember items, and any other techniques to help you remember hard to remember information. The best example of a mnemonic is the song or verse regarding the days of the month to help you remember how many months of twenty eight days and how many have thirty and so on. Most people know that rhyme which is a testament to how successful it is as a long term memory exercise.

A long term memory exercise is anything that will help you remember information for as long as possible. By practicing long term memory exercises, and practicing them often, you should be able to hold onto any information you wish. This is great for school, work, and anywhere else in life where you might find it helpful to retain large amounts of information. So study up and practice as many long term memory exercises that you can so that you can hold onto that information for as long as possible.


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