Memorization Techniques

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Memorization Techniques For The Forgetful

Do you constantly find yourself forgetting things, such as names and important phone numbers? It seems that the more we depend on electronic devices to remember things for us, the more we forget. However, you can learn some memorization techniques which will help you remember more than you ever thought possible. Remember names the first time you hear them, remember dates, and even phone numbers, all at once. By learning these memorization techniques, you will learn how to hold onto information instead of always having to write things down. These memorization techniques include repeating the information, thinking in pictures and even writing little songs or stories about the information. Of course these are just a few of the techniques you can use but they will help you memorize things like you never imagined.


When you hear a phone number and you want to remember it, what do you do? If you’re like most people, you repeat it over and over until you can get to phone. That same technique will work with anything. When you first meet someone, for instance, and you want to remember their name, repeat it over and over until it becomes ingrained in your memory. So the next time you want to remember something, be it a name, a phone number, an address, or anything else you want to hold onto, repeat it over and over in your head until you’re positive that the information is solidly locked into your memory bank.

Thinking In Pictures

People with photographic memories think in pictures. When trying to remember the number two, for example, they may think of a light switch that has two settings, or they may think of a pack of cigarettes that holds twenty cigarettes to remember the number twenty. Remembering things by thinking in pictures is a great memorization technique that works with many things, especially phone numbers and addresses.

Create A Story

This is a great memorization technique that involves writing a story to help you remember things. For instance, if you want to remember these memorization techniques, you might think of a man who goes to the store for a gallon of milk. He keeps repeating the order for milk but the man doesn’t seem to remember where it’s at. Finally, he shows a picture of milk to the clerk to help him remember what he’s supposed to be looking for. Finally, he tells the man a story of how milk is made. Finally the man remembers, gives him his gallon of milk and tells the man not to forget to pay for it. Of course, that’s just a simple example, but this memorization technique is very effective for learning hard to remember material.

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