Visual Memory Training

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Visual Memory Training Techniques: An Overview

Memory has been linked to sensory perception. That means we have auditory memory, memory associated with our perception of smell, touch, taste, as well as vision. All of these various types of memory help us to learn and understand the world around us. Likewise, we can improve upon every one of them.

Briefly examining visual memory, or the memory associated with things we perceive optically, such as shapes and colors, can wield a few different results. First people who have strong visual memories are very adept in terms of visual learning, which is one of the three ways people learn. Furthermore people who have very poor visual memories often compensate with one of the forms of sense memory. Finally, people with poor visual memories can in fact improve those through visual memory training.

Take Your Vitamins, Say Your Prays, and Look at Pictures

Visual memory training is just like any other kind of training, it requires exercise. Here meaning eye and brain work. Simply put you need to stop resting on your laurels, if you learn by touch then don’t worry about improving that, instead spend your time working on your deficiency.

There are a few ways to work on your visual memory training. One way is simply to look at an object, turn away from it or close your eyes, and then think about it. Picture it in your head as clearly as you can and recall some of its attributes. For instance if you do this with a book think about the words that caught your eye and focus on the blurry ones around those. With practice those blurry words will start to come into focus.

Or you could use the internet, a number of websites offer little exercises primed to help you with your visual memory training. Some might show you a complete picture and then jumble it up requiring you to reconstruct it from memory. Or perhaps have you fill in the blank pieces of a picture.

It is little things like that which you can do in your daily life that will help you in the long run with your visual memory training. There is no need to dedicate an hour a day to improving your visual memory. Instead just work on a picture puzzle during your lunch break or before you so to bed. This way you exercise your mind without all of the stress of creating an intensive regimen. By utilizing visual memory training you can go a long way towards improving your memory as a whole.

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