Mortgage Refinancing Scams

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Mortgage Refinancing Scams

When dealing with various types of mortgages there are a lot of things you need to know. This is why many individuals do not know a lot and are sure victims for various mortgage refinancing scams. Your home is your biggest possible asset in most cases and if you agree to a loan based on different factors, you might be dealing with putting that biggest possible asset at risk. In most cases the individuals affected by mortgage refinancing scams are elderly, minority or come with low incomes or bad credit lines. As you already might have understood, most mortgage refinancing scams are linked with home equity. Individuals can even loose their homes so everybody needs to pay attention when signing anything.

The most used mortgage refinancing scam comes through the application form you send in to a loaner. In some remote cases, you will be encouraged to write down higher incomes in order to get you approved for a loan. There will be different companies that will give you money even if you know you can not manage to pay monthly interest rates. Such a practice will usually lead to the borrower loosing their home because the individual will end up not being able to pay the loan on a month to month basis. When you declare a higher income amount you will get different loan amount and rates based on what you declared. If you put on paper something that you do not really have it is you who will end up paying for it as the application form does not count. It is only used to see whether you are approved or not for a loan. This is the simplest mortgage refinancing scam and is based on the fact that you declare something that you do not have. In most cases we are talking about the declared income.

Another highly popular mortgage refinancing scam is linked to the balloon payment. It is also a reality when dealing with individuals that are in need of amounts of money to pay a mortgage the individual is no longer able to pay. When faced with mortgage foreclosure you no longer think straight and another lender might appear to offer a method to save you from foreclosure. You are offered mortgage refinancing and lower monthly payments. All seems too good to be true, you sign but you might have made a big mistake. Every single time you sign something you need to read carefully what is written. You might be faced with having a lower monthly payment installed because you will only repay the interest each month. This means that at the end of the loan period you will also have to give back the entire principle, referred to as a balloon payment. If you can not do this you will lose your home.

Mortgage refinancing scams usually appear when people are in desperate need of money and all that usually happens is getting even more buried in debt. The fact is one simple rule will make life a lot easier for you, especially when dealing with money: do not sign with reading attentively. When any lender will rush you to sign something and will even make various types of threats you know something is wrong. Another common mortgage refinancing scam stands exactly in rushing the borrower into getting a loan that looks good but comes with very high interest rates attached. The balloon payment method mentioned above is also sometimes hard to spot. Mortgage refinancing scams will take advantage of different situations and will make you get to a point where loosing your home is a reality you can not stop. There have been many individuals hit by mortgage refinancing scams. You need not be amongst them so be sure to pay attention when dealing with home equity.

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